To Welding!

  • Posted on October 02, 2018


For almost a century, transformer welding machines have had extensive research and development to create reliable machines, while inverter welding machines have had only about 32 years of the similar attention.  Which is best?

Let’s get to the heart of welding and discuss the arc and the welds that are produced.  If you were the type of welder that only welds on mild steel all day, every day, you wouldn’t need to look past a transformer machine.  However, we live in a welding world that demands weld perfection in any position and on all types of material.  In this demanding world, inverters start to shine.  Since inverters can be programmed to do just about anything, we now see advanced pulse MIG performing as well as high skilled TIG.

An important issue that needs to be discussed is cost. There was a time where inverter machines were incredibly expensive. The high cost was derived from component costs and specialised manufacturing costs. Those costs have changed a great deal over the last 17 years as inverters have entered the world of high-volume electronics manufacturing. One can now say that inverters are starting to become less expensive than transformer-based welding machines.

Inverters Are Likely Better:

Transformers Are Likely Better:

  • You need to Stick, MIG & TIG but only want one machine.
  • You weld with one process every day all day.
  • You carry your welding machine to wherever you need to weld.
  • You take your welding work to your welding machine
  • You weld on multiple types of base metals.
  • You do the same job day in and day out.
  • You weld indoors in a controlled environment.
  • You weld in dirty and dusty areas
  • You enjoy touchscreens and parameters to adjust.
  • You like simple knobs.
  • You need the machine to help you select the correct settings for the job.
  • You know what you want & how your machine should be set.
  • You are a technical geek.
  • You enjoy your welding old school.

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