Motor Control Drives & Motors

We can assist with a wide range of pumps or motors for your specific application. From a standard pool, pond pump to industrial specific submersible pumps let us know and we can advise on the best unit for the job. We also supply specific motors for different applications as well as standard motors. Along with this we can also pair a specific full automated motor control panel, VSD’s or soft starts required.

Send us your enquiry and we will gladly assist. Click on either of the pictures below to see the vast range of brands we currently supply. Should you be looking for a specific brand which isn’t listed please send us an enquiry and we will most likely be able to assist.

Download the Motor Control Drives catalogue

Motor Control Drives Catalogue

Examples from our range of Motor Control Drives & Motors Products

AC & DC Contactors

We offer a wide range of contactors, VSD’s, Motor & Pump Starters.

Variable Speed Drives

A wide variety of brands and sizes both domestic and industrial is availabl

Enclosed Motor & Pump Starters

Enclosed & Open Pump Starters Available. DOL & Star Delta Starter