Field Switching & Sensing

From automating your production line, automation of your specific application or safety requirements we can assist with a unit specific to your needs. From highly specialise d switches and counters to you standard on of switches we have a large range of units available to automate your daily processes. Specific to the mining and industrial sector we also supply specially manufacture switches and magnets made from a variety of different metals and other products. Send us your requirements and we will gladly assist with the right product for the job at hand. Click on either of the pictures below to see the vast range of brands we currently supply. Should you be looking for a specific brand which isn’t listed please send us an enquiry and we will most likely be able to assist.

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Field Switching & Sensing Catalogue

Examples from our range of Field Switching & Sensing Products

Inductive Proximity Sensors

Inductive sensors are used to sense metal objects.

Photoelectric Switches

Photoswitches transmit a beam which is reflected back from a detected objec

Captive Proximity Sensors

Captive sensors are used to sense all types of materials.

Proximity Sensor 2

Sensors of all types available. Multi Voltage & Sizes Available.

Limit Switches

Domestic, Industrial and Safety limit switches available.

Float Switches

Float Switches of different types and applications for different liquids.